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Now let’s get started. The First Step of any journey is always the hardest and is the most important. The point is - DO IT! Let Fit 50 & Fabulous be your personal trainer.
Essential First Step – "Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire" – How Ready Are You? Download PAR-Q.
Inventory of Lilfestyle & Activity Preferences
What Works for You? To effectively implement any change, a full needs assessment is essential. Determine exercise preferences which uniquely meet your lifestyle and turn obstacles into opportunity for change. Download the Inventory of Lifestyle & Activity Preferences.
Make the Decision Now for Health & Fitness with this Contractual Commitment to You. Download the Lifestyle Change Contract.
Fitness Fundamentals
Based upon the information you determined above, apply this information from The President’s Council on Fitness as you pursue your adventure into a fulfilling new lifestyle. Download Fitness Fundamentals.
You have the power to help change society by working to halt ageism. Again, the fundamental keys are health and fitness - resolve now to be physically active for yourself and for others. Our future is now, the rest is up to you.