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    Jane Keast at Mount Whitney, Eastern Sierras

Jane Benson Keast,
Principal, Fit 50 & Fabulous

Jane Benson Keast, M.P.A., Principal of Fit, 50 & Fabulous, is a consultant dedicated to effecting healthy lifestyle change for aging Baby Boomers. Ultimately, Jane hopes to serve as a change agent in educating society at large about the benefits of aging while working towards ending age discrimination.

Jane is an ACE ("American Council on Exercise") Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant, YMCA-certified Group Fitness Instructor, YMCA-certified Personal Training Instructor, and "Older Adult Fitness Trainer" through AIFE ("American Institute of Fitness Educators").

Jane holds Master’s Degree(s) in Health Care Administration and Organization Change. She and her husband, Bill Keast – Keast Ventures Unlimited - have over 20 years experience leading wilderness challenge events, facilitating smoking cessation programs, designing training programs, and high-level human resources/labor relations consultation.

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Bill and Jane Keast at Knapsack Pass, Eastern Sierras
Bill Keast, Mount Tamalpais